Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Things just get in the way

Funny how fast time goes by. One moment, I’m writing random blog entries on Tales of Epoch and then the next, it all goes quiet. In fact, quiet for about 4 years! It’s not because I have been neglecting this blog, it is just things got in the way.

Since my last blog I’ve said goodbye to my old Samsung NC10 netbook. Yes, a netbook. I loved that machine because it enabled me to be so productive. I was able to write this blog, write Ode to the Brute and it had decent battery life. It only started to perish when I upgraded the operating system to Windows 7. Then it all went down hill so ditched the netbook. Now I rock a Mac and I’m really happy with that. There’s less writing on it now though, which is a shame.

I even left my old email address. This was more due to the fact that I got spammed big time on Hotmail. There are only so many emails about Viagra pills that a man can take, so I ditched Hotmail and joined Gmail.

Since my last post I have been fortunate and lucky enough to see more of the beautiful world out there. I genuinely love this planet and I feel really lucky every time I get to visit a new place, see something of nature I had previous only ever seen and television or read about on Wikipedia.

The main thing that got in the way of writing this blog was studying a masters, I’ve now finished and it has been a great experience. I was encouraged to do it and I did need a nudge but I am so glad I did it. Without question, it has helped me in all aspects of my life and I can’t really say that about all things I do.

So that’s pretty much it. Not sure when my next entry will come or what I will get up to. But if you ever need some mens alpaca jumpers or alpaca hats, then check out www.pacastyle.com


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